June 2003

I find the funniest stuff at crabwalk. Behold: D&D Monster Ratings — this is really funny. Brought back memories of playing D&D with my geeky friends back when I was […]

….and hey, the new Blogger interface looks good in Mozilla too! That’s a first. I’ll have to look at in Safari on my Mac tomorrow.

I’ve been doing some more research into Verizon’s deal on the Kyocera 7135. It now appears as though it might be a bit more expensive than I originally thought, but […]

Woohoo! I’ve been moved over to the new version of Blogger! I’m not sure it does anything the old version didn’t do, but it sure is pretty!

I’m thinking about trading in my cell phone and my Palm i705 for a Kyocera 7135 from Verizon. It would wind up costing me about the same per month as […]

HEROIC GRACE: THE CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS FILM — a film series at the Walter Reade theater. Sounds like something I’m going to need to check out!

Annoying new scam: How Low Can You Go? New Community Web Site Is Doing You No Favors I just got one of these e-mails, and MAN was I creeped out. […]

Spam is getting to be a big problem at work, so I’ve been spending some spare time looking into various spam-filtering solutions. The stuff I’m looking at for work is, […]