April 2003

I decided to check out Apple’s new music service today. Looks pretty good. Just for yuks, I bought a song — “Glad and Sorry” by the Faces. I was hoping […]

Funky Winkerbean follow-up: Yep, definitely Byrne. And here’s a little article from the Kansas City Star.

Funky Winkerbean started a new storyline a couple of weeks ago. It’s pretty neat. I’ve noticed the art has been showing a serious John Byrne influence, and I’ve been wondering […]

I bought a marked-down copy of Dinosaur Jr’s Without a Sound CD yesterday. I just looked at the receipt, and, rather than the title, it’s listed as “OFFBEAT GENERIC CD”. […]

The Singing Detective is out on DVD now. I remember watching this on PBS years ago. It’s great. The movie version will probably stink, though. Mel Gibson? Robert Downey Jr? […]

A friend pointed me to this page at the ACLU site. Some great cartoons there, along with some really stupid ones. But, hey, that’s America.