March 2003

Yikes! My brother and his wife are on a diet. I’ve been fairly stable lately, not expanding or contracting, but I could sure stand to lose a few pounds. There […]

“We are strange, ageless, medically curious and vaguely Satanic Hollywood fossils who live underground, fearing the purging glare of daylight.” — from Inside the Hollywood Star Chamber: In Which Five […]

The Rurouni Kenshin episodes running on Cartoon Network this week seem to be early episodes from DVD Vol. #02: Battle in Moonlight and DVD Vol. #03: Shadow Elite. Fairly good, […]

Here’s a little hint, if your CPU is running too hot: Open the box and blow all the dust out. I did that last night, and it knocked about 5-10 […]

“The Cameroon health minister has deemed it necessary to warn people that drinking urine may not be good for your health.” Story at the BBC site. And I thought Americans […]

old cards

I’ve been putting old Christmas and birthday cards into a big pile for the last 10 years or so. Well, the pile has finally gotten big enough that I need […]