January 2003

I discovered the cd mix of the month club yesterday, after reading this article in the Times. Pretty cool idea. I’ve already made a mix to send off. Hopefully, the […]

After going for quite some time without downloading and burning anything from Emusic, I went nuts today and burned 4 CDs. Soft Boys, Solarized, Boss Hog, Matt Pond PA, Ivy, […]

I now have three O’Reilly books on .Net that I need to read: .NET Framework Essentials, Programming C#, and ASP.NET in a Nutshell. Hopefully, I can make it through enough […]

Yikes! It looks like my Dad has discovered my home page. (At very least, he’s discovered my guest book.) I’m going to have to be careful what I say now! […]

No C# tonight. I’ve been paging through some old issues of DDJ from 1996. Ah, for the days when articles about PowerBuilder occasionaly appeared in mainstream programming magazines. And Java […]

Stumbled across William Gibson’s web site tonight. Pretty cool. And he’s got a new book coming out! I remember reading, and loving, Neuromancer when it first came out. I’ve read […]