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When I decided to lose some weight a few years back, one of the big things I did was to stop going out to lunch every day. Now, I usually bring a modest lunch and eat it in the office. But that uses up only about 10 minutes of my lunch hour, and doesn’t get me out of the office, so I usually follow that with a trip to the local Starbucks for a cup of coffee.

So, previously, consuming too many calories at lunch time was a problem. Now, consuming too much caffeine and spending too much at Starbucks is a problem. Really, it’s not a big problem. If I feel like I’m consuming too much caffeine, I’ll switch to decaf for awhile, and I frequently get only a $2 tall coffee, which isn’t going to bankrupt me.

I’m a member of the Starbucks Reward program, too, so I get a free drink after every twelve, which isn’t much, but it’s something. Well, now they’re changing the program so it’ll be more like one free drink for every thirty. The details on the new program are here, and one (of many) media articles about the change can be found here. The new program will be pretty much the same for people spending around $5 per store visit, but for cheapskates like me who usually just buy a $2 coffee, it’ll take about 30 of those to get a free drink. There’s more about this over at Consumerist.

I do realize that this is a classic first-world problem, and the fact that I make enough money to spend $2 a day on halfway-decent coffee is something I should be thankful for. And I am. And I appreciate that Starbucks doesn’t have to give me any free coffee, so I should be happy regardless. But I am also an old man who likes grousing about how much money he’s spending at Starbucks, and how they’re making plenty of money, and they could really afford to give me a lot more free coffee.

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  1. The free alternative I follow in the same situation is go for a walk after eating. This has many of the same benefits with few negatives.

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