I picked up Jira and Confluence this week, during Atlassian’s “Stimulus Package” sale — $5 each! A while back, I’d looked at Jira, and several other bug-tracking/project-tracking applications, but I […]

Whenever I take a class at NYU, I always spend a little time looking around to see if I can take advantage of any student discounts on software or hardware, […]

The instructor for my NYU .NET class listed three books on his syllabus. Programming C#, by Jesse Liberty, is the main book for the class. CLR Via C# by Jeffrey […]

I’m spending the weekend just hanging out in the apartment, trying to get over a cold that I probably caught last weekend at NYCC, or possibly from someone at work. […]

I went to the ASP.NET MVC Firestarter event in NYC on Saturday. It was an all-day (9-5) event with several speakers talking about various aspects of the MVC framework, and […]

Not that anyone but me is going to be interested in this, but I watched dnrTV show #13 today, the second part of the CSLA.NET 2.0 overview. I’ve only scratched […]

The battle between dnrTV and Frisky Dingo continues. I watched show 12 today, the first CSLA.NET 2.0 show. An interesting start, but they really only scratched the surface. I really […]