Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I caught a cold Friday, so I’ve just been taking it easy all weekend, drinking orange juice and reading comics. I read the Planetary Vol. 2 hardcover yesterday, and Tim Truman’s Black Lamb series today. Both were excellent.

I found all six issues of Black Lamb in somebody’s dollar box at a convention in NYC a few months ago. I don’t recall seeing any mention of this series when it first came out. Typical good Tim Truman stuff. I would have completely missed it if I hadn’t stumbled across it in that box!

Probably time to take some NyQuil and get off to bed now.


Haven’t blogged in a while. Sorry!

PalmSource was good. Learned a lot. I still haven’t actually written any useful Palm programs yet, but at least I’ve gotten past the “Hello World” stage. I picked up a new i705 while I was out there. It’s pretty neat.

Things I like: rechargeable battery, always-on email, 8MB RAM, SD card slot.

Things I’m not thrilled about: still the same old monochrome screen!