Windows 8 fresh install

After last week’s successful, but not terribly useful, Windows refresh, I decided to go ahead and just reformat my ThinkPad and do a fresh install. I had to step back to Windows 8, since I have no Windows 8.1 install media, and no 8.1 product key. So that’s a bit of a pain, but I can live with it.

So far, I’ve successfully installed Windows 8, then installed all pending Windows updates, and now I’m doing the 8.1 upgrade from the Windows Store. I started the whole process at around 10 am, and it’s just about 2 pm now, so it’s taken quite a while. But I did run out for a haircut during the Windows 8 install, and out for a walk while the updates were downloading/installing, so I could be further along if I’d stayed home.

Once the 8.1 upgrade is done, I’ll have a bunch of software to install. But I’ll finally have a clean laptop, free of all the Lenovo cruft that got pulled along when I first upgraded from Win 7 to 8. And free of various past Visual Studio installs and other dev tool installs that weren’t easily removed.

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