I finished reading Spirit House today, on my Kindle. I’m a little annoyed that there’s only one other book in the Calvino series available in the US. The remaining books […]

I’ve been using both Spurl.net and delicious.com to save my bookmarks to the web over the last couple of years. Spurl has clearly been on life support for awhile now. […]

There are two new magazines available on the Kindle: Cash, a personal finance magazine, and The Escapist. I’m still hoping that they’ll eventually add The Economist. As magazines go, it’s […]

Random House has made a number of their Kindle titles free to download, until 2/28/09. There are three Charlie Huston novels on the list, and a few other ones that […]

I haven’t really been watching The Simpsons much lately, but last night’s episode has a lot of great Apple-related humor in it, including a good bit with Comic Book Guy. […]

I spent a fair bit of time this weekend browsing around on the web, looking at Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. I didn’t find anything that I was really […]