After telling myself repeatedly that I do NOT have time for Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, hence I should NOT buy it, I went out and bought it today. And […]

Here are a few random thoughts on the applications that are part of the MacHeist bundle (still on sale for another two days!): Delicious Library: I’ve actually started using this […]

This letter from the publisher explains the changes coming to the Wall Streeet Journal in 2007. It doesn’t look like they’re going to turn it into USA Today, or anything […]

I’ve been playing around today with the online book access I can get through ACM. You can get access to about 500 books from Safari and 400 from Books 24×7. […]

I posted about Santastic last year. I just noticed that Santastic 2 is out, for 2006. I’ll be downloading that soon. I also just heard something from Christmas Remixed, which […]